nail art..

I’m beggining to see where this is going… keep hopping there is more to me than even I can see in myself.. I keep hopping of forggeting, moving on; of never looking back… Past, present, future, all rolled into one.. How come I cannot disperse into thin air like those before me .. how come?

How come I still believe in things that will never happen..

How come my dreams still linger and explore those same hidden meanings..

How come we were never friends..

How come I don’t get him and him me…

How come I still try..

How come I’m so brutal…

How come he drives me nuts all the time..

How come I still want to conserve a friend..

How come there are no strings attached..

How come we talk so normally at times..

How come we fight…

How come we flirt…

How come we seem to never end it..

How come it’s just me thinking about this stuff..

How come we laugh …

How come..

How come we love..

How ?!


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